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Welcome! I am a Registered teacher and mum of four.

I have a passion for inclusion and supporting children and their families on their journey with neurodiversity!

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Services I Offer ...

I am an experienced Registered Teacher

Throughout my diverse teaching career in the Mid North Region of SA and lived experience, with a child and now grandchild with a disability, I have the knowledge and experience to offer a variety of services customized to fit your child's specific needs.

Learn more about the services that I can offer. All Self and Plan Managed NDIS participants can be invoiced through their plan, if my services meet the assigned plan goals.
Please send me a message and we can discuss your individual needs.

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 Early Intervention Therapy

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively with your family to ensure we are a team working for common goals. 
I will tailor therapy sessions to meet the need of your child.   
As a registered teacher trained in the Applied Behaviour Approach (ABA), Positive Behaviour Practices and in Marte Meo, I offer individual strength based therapy sessions that incorporate sensory enrichment, music, communication and regulation strategies through a fun, play based session.

Quality Time

Parent Workshops & Home Based Consultancy 

I am a certified "Circle of Security (COSP)" facilitator. I am also trained to facilitate "Being with Big Feelings" and "Bringing Up Great Kids". I am happy to take organisational bookings, or run individual sessions at home with families.

I also offer families sessions to explore ways they can support their child at home and give practical suggestions to tackle challenging behaviours.

I can assist develop any individual supports that you may require such as visual schedules, social stories or visual cues cards.

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Social Skills Programs

I am a trained facilitator in the "What's the Buzz" social skills program; which I can deliver in small groups, or individually. I also have a life skills therapy program that I can deliver to primary and secondary aged students. Please contact me and we can design therapy sessions that are tailored to your child's needs and their NDIS goals.

3D Model

Lego Based Therapy Group or Individual Sessions

I am trained to deliver Lego Based Therapy.

LEGO® Based Therapy is an evidence based, positive, structured, child-centred social development communication program. Pioneered by paediatric Neuropsychologist Daniel B. LeGoff in the mid 90’s and further developed from the early 2000’s. Initially Lego Based Therapy was developed for improving social competence in children with Autism Spectrum Conditions but has been found to be beneficial for children with other social communication difficulties such as anxiety, depression, social phobias and ADHD.

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Community and Business Autism Awareness Sessions

Do you have an Autistic employee  and want your team members to understand and make their employment enriching and successful? I offer sessions that define some of the strengths, challenges and ways to celebrate and embrace Autism in the workplace.

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Autism Therapy

About Nicky ...

I have a son and granddaughter with autism so I truly "get it!".

I have an extensive work history as an early childhood and primary educator in inclusive education and also in parent education and support.

I believe that behaviour is a form of communication and once this is recognised parents, carers and teachers are better able to meet the needs of their child. 

As an educator, parent and grandparent of neurodiverse children I have an in depth knowledge and understanding of Autism, Sensory Processing needs and Emotional Regulation issues and how they all work together. 

I operate through a strength based approach and believe that there is no one set way of doing things and that we all need as many strategies in our "tool kit" as possible. I acknowledge the crucial role that parents and carers play in their child's journey and that sometimes this can be a challenging, frustrating, isolating and exhausting time in which they need a good listener and to collaboratively work on effective solutions.  From living in the Port Pirie Region for the past 30 years I have a sound knowledge of the supports offered and can support to access any services that I am unable to provide. I can also help you work through the NDIS process and how to seek assessments.

I am approachable, empathetic and caring and really want the best for both children and their parents/ carers. I want to feel like I can be the difference for a child and their family and help be that beacon of hope and provide kindness and opportunities.

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